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Release notes Only 1.16.0 (preliminary)

  • QUICK_NAVIGATOR.svgUpdate live: 2022-06-21
  • SETTINGS_GEAR.svgPlatforms: All 

What’s new?

  • We have started major work with the GUI (graphical user interface) in the app. The first phase is live and includes a lot! 

    The general thought process was to give you a workspace that you recognize, feel comfortable with, and enjoy using, but of course with our twist!

    Our goal was to enhance the user experience and that’s why we redid a lot of clicks, hover, and button logic within the app. Our second goal was to prepare the application for coming features and adapt it to a more common standard in both look and feel.

    As you can see live, we went from a square / rectangular look to super ellipse shapes making the app more modern and better looking.

    This phase includes somewhat 400 buttons, selectors, input fields, etc.

    We hope you will enjoy it!

  • In this release, our developers put in a lot of hours editing current functionality and preparing the app for future functions and features.

    Obviously not something you will notice with your eyes in the app at the moment, we just wanted to let you know that a huge work was done, behind the scenes

  • It’s now possible to add images/gifs directly from the native keyboard on Android.



Fixes & changes

  • It’s now possible to share an object with a whole team, not just a channel and or direct chat, as in the previous version of the app. This allows you to share a message or other to your chosen team and they will all get the shared object via a direct chat from the sharer.

  • We made it easier to distinguish missed calls in the personal call log.

Updated guides 🆕

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