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Who can access and edit account settings?

  • Users with the permission account can view and edit the settings

Access account

To access account, click SETTINGS expand the list ORGANIZATION.svg

Company profile

This is where you find and edit some of the basic info and also where you purchase new licenses etc. 

  • Here you can change some of the information like company display name and address. Edit the text and click save. 

    You cant edit company name or organisation number. Contact customer care in order to do it.

  • This lists the company account owner who has complete admin permission in the app. 

    To change account owner you need to contact customer care. Only authorized persons can contact customer care and change the owner.

  • This is where you change the time zone for the organisation, click on EDITto edit. 

    Users can edit their own time zone if needed.

  • This is where you change the default system language. Expand EXPAND the list to edit 

    Users can edit their own language if needed.

  • This is where you change the company avatar,  

    • Click on EDIT to edit. 
    • You can also allow members to choose their own avatar toggle on ON.svg / off OFF.svg 
  • This is where you change the default cover photo for all users. You can also allow users to choose their own, toggle on ON.svg / off OFF.svg


  • You can change your PBX package from Light to Unlimited or vice versa. Simply click on the one you want and click upgrade 

    To downgrade your PBX package from Unlimited to Light you need to have a ongoing contract. Not possible if you have a curing period.

  • If you want to purchase more licenses this is the place to be. Expand EXPANDand choose the type and amount needed (Prices according to contract) and click buy.  

  • Under users licenses you have a complete list of all the users within your organisation. 

    It lists:
    • Pro licenses (assigned & unassigned)
    • Mobile licenses (assigned & unassigned)


  • To purchase more add-ons:

    1. Expand EXPAND the one you would like to purchase
    2. Choose the right amount
    3. Click buy

System SMS

  • This is where you mange which SMS zones that should be allows for users to send a system sms. There's also a setting where you can allow certain types om messages, e.g. survey & answer groups

    1. Expand the zone you wish to edit
    2. Choose to enable for all or seleted users
    3. Click save


  • This is where you activate and manage your cost centers, follow this guide for more information

Audit logs

  • Via the audit log you can find out who made any changes. Use the filter settings to narrow down the search.

  • Here is the answer you looked for. Who changed what? Expand EXPAND the event EVENT.svg for more information. 

Organization Structure

  • An organization structure helps you sort the data in the app. It will allow you to create categories with options such as departments, offices, etc. This will be useful in contact grouping and for search.

    1. Click on ADD
    2. Give the category a name, e.g. cost center
    3. Enter the options, press return to add
    4. Click on create
    1. Expand EXPAND the category you wish to remove/delete an option in
    2. Delete an option: click CROSS.svg to delete an option, click Save
    3. Remove category: click Remove, confirm by clicking Yes
  • When you have categories and options you can easily distribute them to users
    1. Expand EXPAND the category
    2. ClickEDIT on the option where you want to add users
    3. Click on the list Select Users and add them
    4. Click Done
    5. Click Save

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