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Get started with only

It time to get started with our service. Start by downloading our apps.

A pro user can use the mobile app, desktop, and browser client. A mobile user can use the mobile app.

Get started with these steps

    1. Use the link in the welcome email we sent. Haven't received one? Contact the administrator at your company
    2. When you login for the first time you will choose your password, make sure it is a secure one. 
  • To have full functionality on your headset you need to integrate it. We have integrated the two most common, Poly & Jabra. 

    Integrate your headset

  • To enjoy all functions within the app we always recommend you to integrate your email & calendar. 

    Integrate your email & calendar

  • To be able to answer calls from answer groups, you will need to login.  

    Logga in i svarsgrupper

  • You can easily change your display number click on your avatar and change it under display numbers.

  • When caller ID is active, your iPhone will provide you with a caller ID from the app. Meaning that a caller ID will be displayed even if you don't have the contact saved in your local contact list.

    Activate caller ID

This is a basic get-started guide. You can learn more about the most common features here

More guides

We have a lot of guides to help you navigate our app. You will find them here

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