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Access to activity status

To access activity status in the personal settings, click SETTINGS GEAR.svgand expand the list CLOCK.svg.

Create new status type

    1. Click ADD SQUARE.svg
    2. Give it a name e.g. Superduper busy
    3. Choose your availability mode (Available / Busy)
    4. Type a note if needed
    5. Set a duration if needed
    6. Set your display number when status is active. Toggle off if you wish to change your display number based on whether it's an internal or external call, you can then select the specific number to be shown for internal and external calls respectively.
    7. Choose what should happen with incoming calls. E.g. Go to voicemail, busy tone or redirect
    8. Select if you want a delay before the call is forwarded to voicemail. For example, it can ring for 10 seconds before the call is forwarded to voicemail - this is also called a soft referral
    9. Choose what should happen with incoming VoIP calls
    10. Toggle on / off to set your availability in answer groups
    11. Select the devices that should ring on
    12. Choose how calls should be routed to mobile devices.
    13. Click 'Save'.

Edit your status type & edit another users status type

    1. Choose the status you want to edit from the list
    2. Click on it
    3. Change the settings you want
    4. Click on save
    1. Click on the user to open the contact card
    2. Click EDIT PEN.svgnext to the activity status
    3. Edit the settings you want to change
    4. Click on save

    To edit another user, you need to have the User & Team permission. You can change the users's activity status, display number, handling of incoming calls, forward numbers and add a note.

Delete statuses 

    1. Choose the status you want to delete from the list
    2. Click on it
    3. Scroll down and click delete
  • If you have a lot a statuses and want to "start from the beginning" you can restore all to default settings. Simply click on Restore all statuses to system default and click OK

    You can not restore your custom statuses after you have clicked OK. Please think twice before.


  • You can set your workday hours with this setting. Simply set your hours and what status you want and you are done. 

    1. Click on Workday
    2. Choose betweenEXPAND DOWN.svg custom or Monday - Friday
    3. Toggle ON.svg to enable the trigger for lunch
    4. Set your work hours
    5. Select EXPAND DOWN.svgdesired activity statuses for lunch (if active), when the working day starts, and finishes
    6. Click on save

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