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Access email settings

To access email settings, click SETTINGS_GEAR.svgand expand the list EMAIL.svg.

General settings

When you have connected your email account emails is shown per default. You can turn it off via the toggle OFF.svg

You can also choose to not show the first email when opening the tab. Turn it off via the toggle OFF.svg

Connected email accounts

First of of all, if you don't have a connected email account you need to to that. Follow these steps to do it. 

  • This lists your account that you have connected with the app

  • Here you can toggle on ON.svg / off OFF.svg features such as email, calendar & contacts

  • This is where edit your email signature for email sent from the app. 

    This does not change you signature in your Office 365 account. Just emails sent from the app.

  • To disconnect your Office 365 account click disconnect followed by yes. 

    If you disconnect it you can reconnect it again.

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