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Release notes 2.1

  • Update live: 2024-03-12
  • Platforms: All

What's new

  • We have improved our service level feature in analytics by adding Target Service Level (TSL) allowing you to specify a target level in percentage which will be displayed in two new graphs in analytics

    • Outcome vs TSL
    • Service level deviation from target
  • Moved from beta!

    Introducing the new 'Answer Group Callback' feature!

    This add-on allow callers to opt for a callback instead of waiting in the queue. Callers simply provide their phone number, and agents in the 'Callback' agent group will treat these requests like regular incoming calls.

    • Automatic Callback, if enabled callback calls will be placed in a separate agent group with its own ring strategy and related settings
    • Manual Callback, if enabled on the answer group, call logs for calls that the entered callback state will be marked as a manual callback request and agents can follow up the call to
    • Option for sending a notification and toast to agents and/or supervisors when a callback call has been waiting for a set amount of time
    • Option for sending a confirmation SMS to callers when a call becomes a callback request.
  • We’re officially releasing this feature from beta.

    Our Wallboard, designed for answer groups, includes customizable metrics, and the option to select one or several answer groups and offers both dark and light modes for visual preference. Additionally, it provides various visual scale options to suit different display needs.

  • The Entra ID Sync feature is here (moved from beta), allowing for user synchronization with Microsoft Entra ID (Azure Active Directory).

    This update includes customizable group and field settings, along with notification preferences for events channel and email. Users have the flexibility to opt for auto-sync or rely on notifications for sync updates.

  • Organization setting to enable/disable voicemail transcription for all users, this setting is found under Phone System - Call Routing - Voicemail transcription. 

    From here you can choose to allow or disallow users to change their own transcription settings.

  • System SMS has been split up into multiple zones depending on receiver country. We’ve added settings where you can enable/disable zones. Per default zone A will be enabled.

    The settings is found under Account - System SMS

    See zones here.

  • Moved from beta!

    With this new feature, you can receive instant notifications when a specific user becomes available. Simply select a user to be notified when they are available.

    • List of monitored users
    • Option to remove monitored users
    • Monitoring will now be cleared if you enter a call with a monitored users, regardless of how the call was initiated
    • Available toasts are now hidden when you get busy line state, made visible again after your line state is back to available
    • Fixed an issue that caused the available toast to not be shown if you were in a call when the monitored user became available
    • Fixed an issue that caused the available toast to not be shown after moving focus back to hidden window/application


  • More info coming soon.

    In order to activate our integration you need one of these Salesforce licenses:

    • Enterprise Edition
    • Unlimited Edition
    • Developer Edition
    • Performance Edition
  • More info coming soon

Fixes & changes

  • Changes in Heatmap

    • Shadows around cells should now be more distinct
    • Thresholds for “red” is now per answer group instead of using a combined max value across all answer groups
    • Let a participant take over screen share, i.e. a new screen sharing session will be displayed to all participants
    • Show more buttons, now devices button is visible on large screens
    • Longer idle timeout before hiding buttons
    • Fixed bug where superAdmin users could not remove callback calls from the “Waiting calls” list
    • Added sorting and order settings for sidebar
    • Ability to turn off notifications for reactions on channels
    • Allow users to select users in call log search from all teams and roles they have access to, not just the ones they’re a member of
    • Fix issues with gaps in audio stream for calls using call recording
    • Fixed so that super admins can see redirect numbers in routing selectors in a users personal settings
    • Full screen organization settings removed from experimental
    • Voice mail transcription is now better at filtering out empty messages
    • Fixed a problem where the desktop app was not brought to front on incoming calls in some situations on Mac
    • Fixed flag and country code detection for Guernsey, Jersey and Isle of Man
    • Fixed an issue with call log export that caused it to ignore type filter when creating the excel
    • Updated plantronics hub download link

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