Cost Centers 101

Dashmir Osmani
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Who has access to cost centers?

  • Users with the permission Account have access to cost centers

Open cost centers

  • Click on SETTINGS-> Your organization -> Account -> Billing

General information

The first time, you need to activate cost centers, do this by pressing the "activate cost centers" button

Cost centers are used to create more detailed invoices to easily distribute costs internally. A cost center can, for example, be a department.

How it works

You will automatically have a standard cost center where your main licenses will end up (pbx package, analytics, insights, numbers and series, extra answer groups and IVR) you cannot move these to another cost center.

On users, you can set another cost center and the licenses for call recording, any mobile subscriptions and survey licenses are then automatically distributed.

  • If you have set up two cost centers in addition to standard, it can look like this:

    1. Standard cost center: Invoice 500 kr (refers to pbx package)
    2. Cost center Marketing: Invoice 200 kr (refers to two users)
    3. Cost center Sales: Invoice 500 kr (refers to five users)
    You can now choose whether the invoice should be grouped or separated. Read more below.

An invoice grouped by cost center

A grouped invoice (also called a collective invoice/summary invoice) will generate an invoice with all cost centers separated. See the example above.

Separate invoice for each cost center

A separate invoice will generate 3 invoices according to the example above. That is, an invoice per cost center.

Invoices on different organization numbers

It is technically possible to invoice different organization numbers, e.g., in a corporate structure. To enable this type of cost centers on several different organization numbers you need to contact us.

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